Happy New Year, which will Peace for Ukraine!

Great part of our 2023 were occupied by charity exhibitions “100 Motanka dolls for Peace” – and we mean it. Victory and Peace for Ukraine – main wish of everyone in Ukraine now!
We wish everyone great 2024 year, full of joy, luck, success and prosperity!
See you in Ukraine, after the Victory. Soon!

To meet you all in Ukraine to celebrate, to show you beauty of our country, to show you its wounds and to honour those, who defend us and fight for European democratic values!
This card starring motanka’s of:
Yana Dereza, Inna Luppa, Ganna Nekrylova, Tetiana Bilkevych, but we are grateful to all great people and masters, who we met on this way.
Designer: Yuriy Slyusarenko



Cultural diplomacy.

1st in series of cultural charity exhibitions “100 motanka’s for Peace” in Japan just finished. More to come. Proud to be Ukrainian organizer of this charity project in Japan.

In total more than 100 works were sent from Ukraine. Also there were works from Japan and other countries.

Fantastic people participate in this project with their impressive works and moving stories, how they make motanka’s during 1st days and weeks of war, how they made master-classes in metro, which was/is bombshelter for families, who lived there in 1st week’s of war. It was both heartbreaking and inspiring.

We are extremely thankful to Ms.Anna Inoue from Japan, who is main engine, inspiration and soul of this project. 

Project includes several exhibitions, master-classes for cultural exchange: making motanka’s in Japan and making origami in Ukraine, master-classes as art-therapy for children in shelters for temporary Ukrainian refugee and charity fundraising for Ukrainian children.

Both organizers and visitors learned a lot about motanka’s and happy about this cultural wave.

Organization: Anna Inoue https://aitsugi.handmade.jp
Organization in Ukraine: Marina Antonyuk, Ukrainian Incentives DMC https://dmc.ukrainian-incentives.com.ua/en 


Exhibition «100 Motanka doll’s for Peace» is open in Kamakura



Opening is tomorrow!

We are excited to see 1st charity exhibition “100 Motanka dolls for Peace” in Japan opening tomorrow.
Photo credit: Anna Inoue


Motanka dolls in Japan

Tetyana Arzumanyan, Yana Dereza, Svitlana Rudenko, Natalia Turchyn were one of first masters, who positively answered to the call for “100 motanka dolls for Peace”. Their motanka’s arrived first in Japan and had some time to look around …
Photo credit: Anna Inoue


Ukrainian children created motanka’s for charity exhibition in shelters

These children were evacuated with their families from dangerous regions of Ukraine by “Save Ukraine” fund and temporarily live in refugee’s shelter in Gatne village, Kyiv region.
In August children learned to make traditional Ukrainian motanka under the guidance of art-therapist Olena Sopruzhinska, inspired by our video-master-class of traditional motanka’s making. In former times, the Ukrainian doll-motanka was not just a toy, but also a talisman and home amulet, symbolizing the continuous connection between the generations by Ukrainian traditions.

During master-class children made motanka dolls and sent them to our charity exhibition “100 motanka dolls for Peace” because more than others, living far from their homes, which are at the frontline now, these children know everything about the war and want Peace more than anyone else.

You can see their works at the nearest exhibition in Kamakura, Japan.
You can support them and other children in Ukraine, suffered from war, by donating during exhibition or at https://aitsugi.handmade.jp/ 

Master-class by Ms.Olena Sopruzhinska, art-therapist in “Save Ukraine” shelter in Gatne village, Kyiv region
Materials for master-class provided by Ukrainian factories  “Atlas-Group” and «CHERNIHIV GARMENT FACTORY «ELEGANT» 
Organization: Marina Antonyuk, Ukrainian Incentives DMC (https://dmc.ukrainian-incentives.com.ua/en )



All motanka’s are on the way to Japan for charity exhibition
“100 motanka’s dolls for Peace”

During July and August we served as “Motanka hub”, but finally all preparations from the Ukrainian side were completed: all motanka’s are on their way to Japan. And we are looking forward to getting impressions of Japanese visitors from exhibition of Ukrainian traditional culture.
We highly appreciate the contribution of all people, supported the project.
ALL the masters, who provided their master-pieces for free. Especially to the very creative and energetic group Ukraine-Europe-World () and personally Mrs.Tetyana Zolochevska and Mrs.Olena Gromova for facilitating this process, after which we sent 99 motanka doll’s to Japan.
We are really impressed by their projects, they do fantastic things with really powerful messages, including beautiful projects like map of Ukraine with motanka’s and important about the history: “War chronicles by dolls”, “Story of Crimean Tatars”, “Unborn babies: story of Holodomor (huge artificial famine in Ukraine, made by soviets), really powerful things. We really recommend you to visit these #exhibitions in Ukraine or invite them for exhibitions in your country.
We are really very proud to be part of this motanka’s wave now 😊

Photo: Marina Antonyuk