Japanese TV-channel NHK about exhibition “100 Motanka dolls for Peace” open in Kyoto yesterday with interview of Ms.Anna Inoue, leader and inspiration of this project.
You can see it here  https://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/kyoto/20240328/2010019790.html

In video you can see works of many Ukrainian masters and in details work of young master Ms. Marharyta Petrenko: Doll-Pysanka, dedicated to upcoming #Easter, which has very rich cultural traditions in Ukraine.
You can read the story of Petrenko Marharyta at the Aitsugi webpage 58.59. Petrenko Margarita – 100 MOTANKA for PEACE (handmade.jp)

and also stories of all masters, contributed for this series of charity exhibitions
master – 100 MOTANKA for PEACE (handmade.jp)