Charity exhibition in Japan
motanka doll’s for Peace

Together with volunteers from Japan we organize charity exhibition of Ukrainian traditional motanka dolls in Japan. Charity exhibition will take place in art-galleries of Kamakura in September-November 2023. This project aimed to help Ukrainian children, suffered from full-scale war in Ukraine. Also we work in strengthening of intercultural ties between Ukraine and Japan. Project aimed to support children in Ukraine and spread information about Ukrainian cultural heritage in Japan.https://aitsugi.handmade.jp

Activities of “100 motanka’s for Peace” project include:

Charity auction and donation fundraising for supporting children in Ukraine


of motanka-making in shelter for temporary refugees in Ukraine

Motanka’s, made by children
will be demonstrated at the exhibition also.

We thank art-therapist Olena Sopruzhynska
for making this real. We thank Ukrainian factories
“Atlas-Group” and “Elegant-SN” for provided materials for master-classes


of motanka-making in Kamakura, Japan

Motanka’s, made at these master-classes
will be demonstrated at the exhibition also.

We thank all participants of master-classes for their creative power, good energy, great works and donations for Ukrainian children.


Organizer in Japan:
volunteer with a great heart

Anna Inoue
Contacts: heart1jp@gmail.com

Co-organizer in Ukraine:
Marina Antonyuk
Contacts: +380501470207

E-mail: m.antonyuk@ukrainian-incentives.com.ua

We highly appreciate great efforts and support from community of motanka’s maker masters from Ukraine “UKRAINE-EUROPE-WORLD” and personally Tetiana Zolochevska and Olena Gromova for their active position and help.

We thank members of this community and ALL participating motanka masters for donation of 100+ motanka’s for charity exhibition and charity auction for supporting PEACE in Ukraine

Community “Ukraine-Europe-World”

Tetiana Zolochevska

Olena Gromova

We highly appreciate all people, who support this project and supporting PEACE in Ukraine!

We particularly appreciate exceptional efforts of:


Make culture, not war!